Javier Serer

Internet Entrepreneur

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Highly motivated, decisive, enthusiastic and easy going. Deep knowledge of Internet product development and business results-oriented. Internet Entrepreneur based in Mallorca, Spain. 31 years old. Do not hesitate to say hello at [email protected]

Work Experience

  • Habitissimo SL

    CPO - Chief Product Officer & Partner (former CSO - Chief Sales Officer)|Jun, 2010Current

    Habitissimo connects homeowners with tradesmen through an online marketplace. 20,000 customers. 4 million unique visits per month. 8 countries (Spain, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Portugal). 150 people & 10 million euros run rate.

    • 2010 - 2013: As VP of Sales: Set up call center and sales strategy, pricing, business model and recruiting until highly efficient growth. We doubled revenues every year and achieved an income of 3 million euros in 2013.
    • 2011: Got company shares as C-Level incentive.
    • 2012: Small personal investment in the 3th company investment round.
    • 2013 - Current: Chief Product Officer: Managing marketplace agile team focused on increase conversion rates and core business results (12 people: frontend & backend developers, UX & UI designers). Product roadmap owner and requirement prioritization manager. UX & UI Designer as well.
    • 2013 - Current: Managing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy and team (2 people). 50% Company income from organic traffic. Goals achieved increasing considerably growth rates thanks to On-page optimization and a successful Off-page link building strategy.
    • 2014: Personal 50K€ investment in Habitissimo (secondary shares).
    • 2015 - 2016: Leading Inbound Marketing strategy as Project Manager at Rocketissimo, 7 people in a dedicated and profitable team (2 developers, 1 acquisition manager, 1 retention manager, 2 content managers, 1 sales manager and 30 outsourced editors). Exceptional growth rates achieved doubling unique visits per month and user engagement.
    • 2016 - Current: Leading content strategy as Project Manager at Contentissimo. (4 Content editors & 30 outsourced editors, 1 SEO specialist as team leader).
  • Cómete Internet SL

    CEO - Chief Executive Officer & Founder|Nov, 2006Current

    Restaurants directory: online bookings and delivery orders. Freemium business model. +11,000 restaurants, +14,000 reviews, +53,000 photos. We are currently operating in the largest cities in Spain.

    • Highlights: Bootstrapped company at evenings and weekends. Growth till 100K€ of income with 90% of EBITDA in 2014 with no money raised.
    • Led team: 1 Developer (with stock options), 1 Support manager, 1 Sales manager, 6 Sales people, 4 Contents editors , 3 Photographers.
    • Revenue share with market leader Restalo in an affiliate program for online bookings.
    • Revenue share with market leader SinDelantal (Acquired by Just Eat on 2012) in an affiliate program for delivery orders.
    • Private franchise model in small cities.
    • (UI & UX Design and Frontend development as personal project to self-teach and keep updated).
  • Blogestudio SL

    Advisor & Partner|Dec, 2011Current

    Advisor at Blogestudio Media Network with 8 million unique visits per month spread over 15 vertical sites.

    • Freelance

      Internet Consultant |Apr, 20062010

      Freelance Internet Consultant. Developed Minimum Viable Products and online sales strategies for private customers.

      • Personal

        Some investment experiences |2007Current

        4 Small investments in Real Estate and Internet Startups.


        • IE Business School

          Advanced General Management Program|20132014

        • University of the Balearic Islands

          Technical Architecture|20062010


        • Iniciador Mallorca

          Main organizer|Mar, 2010Mar, 2011

          Main organizer at Iniciador Mallorca from 2010 to 2011, event organized by entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs. Highlights: more than 100 people attended the very first event, online broadcasting, TV news and press covered. Catering and required flights paid thanks to sponsors and partnership negotiations.


          • Internet Startups
          • Business Strategy
          • Leadership
          • Funnel optimization & KPIs - Key Performance Indicators
          • Inbound Marketing Strategy
          • SEO Strategy - Search Engine Optimization
          • Sales Management & Strategy
          • Customer Engagement
          • Growth Hacking
          • Project Management
          • UX - User Experience Designer
          • UI - User Interface Designer
          • Lean Startup methodology
          • Responsive Front-end development
          • Emailmarketing
          • A/B Testing
          • Recruiting
          • SEM - Search Engine Marketing
          • MVP - Minimum Viable Product
          • Global mindset